Why a Trusted Brand Name Really Matters

Why a Trusted Brand Name Really Matters
becoming a real estate agent in Winnipeg

Making the decision to enter a career in real estate for most people can be difficult because you give up a steady paycheck, and now, you must rely on your effort, skill and dedication… only to be financially rewarded sometime in the future. Given the fact we do live in a an instant gratification society, becoming a real estate agent in Winnipeg typically is a career choice rewarded over days, weeks, months, and even years.

Knowing this and having a desire to succeed, it really becomes prudent to have as many odds favour your new career, or, give yourself the edge so that failure is minimized when you become a new real estate agent. When I meet with new Realtors, I love to ask them, “When you buy ketchup do you buy no name brand, or Heinz?” Over ninety percent asked say they buy Heinz ketchup versus no name brand. It does cost extra to buy Heinz ketchup, but the consumer has trust in the product, the quality, and the brand.

This belief and loyalty also holds true for a real estate professional. Royal LePage will celebrate a hundred year anniversary and we are a true homegrown Canadian company that continues to be an industry leader for innovative customer services when selling, buying or investing in real estate.

What does this really mean for you as you decide which real estate company will best support your new career and give you the best chance to succeed? Is there training? Mentoring? What unique proven services are provided for my clients to enhance, repeat, and foster word-of-mouth referrals?

These are serious questions you need to ask as you embark upon meeting with real estate brokers and trying to decide on the office that will give you the greatest edge with services internally and externally to help you and your new career. I can tell you from my personal experience when I meet with strangers and I ask why they gave me the opportunity to help them in their housing needs; often the response was they didn’t know me, but they trusted the Royal LePage brand name.

Should you conclude that becoming a real estate agent in Winnipeg or Manitoba is your next career step, minimize the risk by associating yourself with a company and culture where the foundation for success is built upon honest ethical business practice and is an industry leader with innovative customer service systems. Call a Royal LePage office and find out how we can help you in your new career and also help you achieve your personal goals as a real estate agent.

By Rolf Hitzer

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