How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Three

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Three
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Once you have enrolled in Phase Two of the real estate course through the Manitoba Real Estate Association, the hard part has begun. Not just the actual course material, but the challenge now becomes finding the time to dedicate yourself to the task at hand while life finds a way to interrupt you. Upon obtaining the first phase books you now have twelve months to complete all three necessary sections to obtain your real estate license, or you start from the beginning and pay the course fees all over again.

At Royal Lepage it was our goal to find out what the most successful strategies are to complete all three real estate phases and exams in a reasonable amount of time? Well, to find out the answer to our question we interviewed several hundred new real estate career professionals that successfully completed the real estate course in Manitoba in six months or less. It was interesting to discover the study habits that produced the quickest and best results were not too onerous at all. At Royal Lepage we are proud to share these success strategies with you as you embark upon your new career in real estate.

Here are the top three things you need to understand to maximize your career path to become a licensed real estate agent in the quickest time possible.

1.) Make an appointment – get used to doing this with yourself because entering a real estate career everything you will do will be by appointment. If your schedule permits, make an appointment five days a week and treat your study time like a regular job. This will really help you to remain focused and on-track to your course material. It is important to know discipline is one of the key character traits a successful real estate agent has and this is a habit that can be taught. Start now and not only will your study habits be successful, you are also preparing you for your new real estate career.

2.) Private space – if you happen to have an office at home, this would be the ideal location to work on your course material. If you don’t have a home office then select a room in the house where you can close the door and shut out the rest of your world. Announce to your loved ones you are not available until your scheduled time is over. Place a note on the door to not disturb you. Being focused on your material is paramount to your success and this will also help you retain the course information along with saving valuable time in the process.

3.) Void your space from distractions – this is another critical step to help dedicate yourself to your real estate course material. You have taken the necessary precautions to eliminate your world outside your door and now it is time to shut down any distractions on your side of the door. Turn off your phone. Yes, turn it off please. Do not take calls while you are on appointment, or check your emails, or answer text messages. Turn off any music and shut down your computer if you feel it will tempt you to use it versus keeping your eyes and attention on your books.

Doing all of this will help you keep your eye on the prize; successfully completing all three phases and exams to obtain your real estate license and become a new real estate agent.

As I had recommended earlier, you should have committed to a real estate Broker and office where you intend to become licensed once you are ready. As you plow through your course material you may come across sections where you require clarification, or help with understanding the topic.

A caring real estate Broker will be more than willing to help you if you happen to get stuck in a section of your course. Don’t hesitate to contact your real estate Broker and make an appointment if necessary to get any tutoring you feel you may need. At Royal Lepage the Brokers are more than willing to help you along as needed. Besides, it is also good practice to let your real estate Broker know your current status as you complete each phase on your road to becoming a real estate agent.

We hope this information is helpful to you if you are thinking about a career in real estate. There are five steps we recommend when you consider becoming a real estate agent. We will share the other two steps with you over the next few weeks. At Royal Lepage we are proud to celebrate one hundred years of real estate services across Canada and also the fact that we are a true Canadian company. If you are considering a new real estate career, we invite you to contact one of the Royal Lepage offices in Winnipeg. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a new real estate career and how we help you achieve your personal goals as a new real estate agent.

By Rolf Hitzer 

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