How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Step Four

How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Step Four

We at Royal LePage are proud to provide you with the best strategy possible on how to become a licensed real estate agent in Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.  Upon a successful mark and pass in Phase One, the next step is diving into Phase Two of your real estate licensing journey.  When you complete your second phase there is the realization that becoming a new licensed real estate agent is now within reach.  And frankly, it is.  This is where you should avoid the common mistake made by most people wanting to become a real estate agent.

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Keep Your Real Estate Broker in the Loop

Most new real estate career professionals tend to overlook contacting or communicating with their soon-to-be real estate office and it’s Broker.  Keeping your future real estate Broker in the loop is an important step while you work your way through the real estate courses.  Once you have completed the Phase Two course materials and hopefully receive the minimum passing mark of seventy percent on your real estate exam, call your Broker to make another appointment.

The reason for meeting with your real estate Broker is to discuss what you can now do to better prepare for the day you become a licensed real estate agent.  This step will help put your career on a faster track as you get started in your new real estate career. Another reason you will want to meet with your real estate Broker/Manager is to review additional strategies that he/she will recommend prior to you becoming a licensed real estate agent.  This will help your real estate Broker prepare you for your career and your arrival at the real estate office.

Develop Your Contact Database

While you are in Phase Three of your real estate course you should develop a database of your personal contacts because once you have successfully completed all necessary provincial requirements you will want to release a mailed announcement stating that you have become a licensed real estate agent.

This announcement will typically generate positive activities where you may receive phone calls congratulating you, and often, result in a customer for you and your new real estate career.  The other steps you can tackle while you are in your final phase of the real estate course is obtaining a photograph and pre-ordering your business cards so they are ready and waiting for you at your new real estate office. It is an exciting time while you are in your final phase; becoming a real estate agent is so close now.

We hope this information is helpful to you if you are thinking about a career in real estate.  There are five steps we recommend when you consider becoming a real estate agent, and we will share the fifth and final step with you in our next monthly blog.  At Royal LePage we are proud to be a true Canadian company as we celebrate one hundred years of real estate services across the country.

If you are considering a new career in real estate, we invite you to contact one of the Royal LePage offices in Winnipeg.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a new real estate career and how we can help you achieve your personal goals as a new real estate agent.

By Rolf Hitzer

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