How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Part Five

How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Part Five
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Congratulations! By now you have completed all three Phases with a minimum seventy percent passing grade with your real estate courses. You are bona-fide now and ready to become a licensed real estate agent in the Province of Manitoba. That being said, you do have up to six months from your final passing grade to become a licensed Realtor. If you do not register with the Manitoba Securities

Commission within this timeline you will be back at ground zero to become a licensed real estate agent. You’ve worked too hard for this course achievement, it’s time to become licensed. License Day – it all begins at the real estate office and the Broker you have decided would best compliment your new real estate career objectives. License day is one that is full of mixed emotions.

Excitement as you have finally reached your end goal and the reality of becoming a licensed real estate agent. Fear. Fear of the unknown. A whole new career path. Staring your own business and no guaranteed paycheck every two weeks. Your confidence, resolve, and work ethic are about to be put to the test. On license day you will not only be welcomed to your new business home, but you will be handed a barrage of paperwork. This will consist of a registration form for the Manitoba Securities Commission. An application to become a Commissioner of Oaths to help you facilitate real estate transactions, registration forms, Multiple Listing access contracts and agreements for the Winnipeg Realtors Association. With your checkbook, or credit card in hand, you are now off to become a licensed real estate agent in the Province of Manitoba. Welcome to the real estate industry.

The next ream of paperwork will be all the contracts, agreements, disclosure documents and policies of your new real estate office. Becoming a new real estate agent you learn on your first day that you are now in a career where contracts, agreements and disclosure documents are an everyday part of your life moving forward as a Realtor.

I am very biased when I make this next statement; a career in real estate is the most gratifying and rewarding career in the world. If you are willing to learn, be patient and disciplined with your work ethic, business systems, service systems, and you focus on prospecting to meet motivated buyers and sellers, you will enjoy a successful real estate career. Real estate is something you need to go to because it doesn’t come to you. The new real estate career person that understands that previous statement typically will do the right activities to achieve their personal goals. At Royal Lepage we also train you to insure you will reach your potential in your new real estate career. You truly can reach for the stars as nobody will stop you from achieving your success, other than yourself.

We hope the five part series of becoming a real estate agent was helpful for you as you consider this career path. Royal Lepage is proud to celebrate one hundred years of real estate services across Canada with the fact we are a true Canadian company. If you are thinking of a new real estate career, we invite you to contact one of the Royal Lepage offices in Winnipeg. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a new real estate career and how we help you achieve your personal goals as a new real estate agent.

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