How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Two

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Two
become a real estate agent in Manitoba

If you’ve made the decision to become a real estate agent; then you are ready to go to the next step in your pursuit to become a licensed Realtor. At Royal Lepage we recommend you have selected the office that will best complement and support you, your new career, and your customer service philosophy while you prepare to enroll for the real estate courses.

Step Two – Course Enrollment

To become a real estate agent in Manitoba, a registrant must successfully complete all three phases of “Real Estate as a Professional Career.” This is a home study course where a minimum seventy percent is needed for a passing grade. This allows you to move forward to the next stage in your course material.

All three phases with a passing grade on each exam must be completed within twelve months, or sooner. Otherwise, you will be required to start from the beginning all over again. Six months is the common average a person takes to complete all three phases and exams. There is a fee for these courses and you pay as you go from one step to the next. The current course cost can be found by following this link:

Phase One encompasses an introduction to real estate. This includes the various benefits and limitations of our career and industry. The course includes basic mathematical calculations that would be used in a real estate transaction and where a real estate agent would need an understanding to properly advise and assist their customers when involved with real estate decisions. A fundamental understanding of construction and components of a home is also a section in the Phase One course material.

In Phase Two, covering the Brokers Act are the Provincial Laws that govern our industry and is enforced by the Manitoba Securities Commission for all real estate practitioners. This section also covers agency relationships and essentials, including a basic understanding of contract law. As a licensed real estate agent we also have a Code of Ethics mandated by the Canadian Real Estate Association and this code of conduct is also a part of your Phase Two course material.

Phase Three is the final course where listing agreements and how to complete an offer to purchase is a substantial part of your material. How to prepare a market evaluation and determining the value of a home by the formula used with licensed real estate agents completes the material found in this phase. This is the final course required to finish that allows you to become a newly licensed real estate agent in the Province of Manitoba, congratulations.

The Manitoba Real Estate Association, also known as MREA, has in-depth information about the course on their website. Follow this link to gain more real estate career information and how to become a real estate agent:

We hope this information is helpful to you if you are thinking about a career in real estate. There are five steps we recommend when you consider becoming a real estate agent. We will share the other three steps with you over the next few weeks. At Royal Lepage we are proud to celebrate one hundred years of real estate services across Canada and also the fact that we are a true Canadian company. If you are considering a new real estate career, we invite you to contact one of the Royal Lepage offices in Winnipeg. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a real estate career and how we help you achieve your personal goals as a new real estate agent.

By Rolf Hitzer 

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