Agent Success Stories: Trina August

Agent Success Stories: Trina August
Real Estate agent Agent Success Stories

Almost two years ago I was sitting at home wondering what I was going to do. For seven years I had my own licensed home daycare. I was so lucky to have had the privilege of being able to work at home, while being there for my children before they started school. We had just moved from the City to a small acreage in the Country, and there was simply no demand for childcare. I was also dealing with what a lot of people go through, I was not very happy doing what I was doing anymore. While it was a very rewarding career and the possibility to advance in the industry was an option, I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my career life.

So, I found the advertisement for a Receptionist at Royal LePage Top Producers, applied, and waited. Once I met with the two brokers, Glenn Ponomarenko and Rolf Hitzer, I immediately felt excited about the opportunity. I had always had a love for Real Estate. I’d find myself amazed by historical homes in Brandon, Mb, where I was born and raised. I wondered about the homes past, the stories it told, the families that lived there. Every other house was my ‘dream’ house, where I wanted a house ‘just like that when I grew up’. Becoming a Real Estate agent had always been something I wanted to do and this was my chance to be behind the scenes to see if it would really be a good fit for me and for my family.

It didn’t take long to figure out it was exactly what I wanted to do. Shortly after I started I signed up for my first Real Estate course and began working towards a future that I was incredibly excited to start.

For me it was never an issue as to which office I would work with. The people I worked with in the office and the agents that came in all became such great friends. The support I got while taking my courses was absolutely amazing. The mentorship I received from every single agent was priceless and to this day has continued. Real Estate is a competitive industry, each on of us being an independent contractor or small business owner. But when you are in need of help or advice there is never a shortage of support. We all strive to help each other out whenever we can.

There is a range of experience, cultures, ages, and history within our office, which in turn is a priceless amount of knowledge, skill and views. The training program and support system for new agents is like no other, and is never ending. Training, motivation and business coaching is continuous throughout your career, whether your new or have been in the industry for 20 years.

Everyday I love going to the office and I am very proud to be able to say that. Royal LePage as a whole is amazing, celebrating 100 years of business. The history of success behind the Royal LePage name says it all for itself. Having that kind of support behind you while you are out starting your business is invaluable.

My favorite part of being a new Real Estate professional is being able to help make someone’s dream come true. Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime, and I am there to help make that transition happen as smoothly as possible. So, years from now my clients can look back on the process as a happy memory. When people sell their homes, it often is very hard on them emotionally as they have years or even a lifetime of memories invested in that home. When they smile afterwards, and can move on to the next chapter in their lives excited about their future, it is very rewarding to have been able to be a part of that experience. I have also reconnected with many friends from all parts of my life and some clients have turned into life long friends.

As a new agent it hasn’t always been easy. There is approximately 1600 licensed REALTORS® in the Winnipeg Real Estate Board. You are always having to learn new things, and think of creative ways to market yourself and make yourself different from other competing REALTORS® But if you are self motivated, and have
a family and office that supports you no matter what, that makes it much easier to become successful.

I am very excited to say I am doing something that I love to do and that I can and will continue meeting new people and help make a difference in their lives. I am truly grateful for Royal LePage and how it has helped me to achieve my dream and to continue helping make other peoples come true too.

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