How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step One

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step One
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One thing we have discovered over time is the most successful new real estate agents in Winnipeg have a systematic approach to their new career path. At Royal Lepage we are proud to share with you the five recommended steps to become a real estate agent. Following these five steps to your new real estate career has proven to be the quickest path from start to becoming a licensed Realtor.

Step One – Broker Interview.

Upon realization that a career in real estate sales is of interest to you; start by writing down all the questions you may have about a new real estate career. We recommend you prepare two different types of questions. First, what kind of training is available to help you with your new real estate career? What support systems are available throughout your entire real estate career?

Second, what services does the real estate office have to support your philosophy and desire to serve home buyers and home sellers? What strategies are available to help foster word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from the Broker office?

Now that you have your questions you are ready to contact real estate offices for a Broker interview. There are several ways to do this. I like to suggest you ask people whom you trust and find out what office/brand they would recommend. Sometimes you may know a real estate agent, and if you respect their opinion, see what office they may suggest you go and visit. This same person would also be good to meet with to see what advice they may have for you and your decision to become a new real estate agent.

If you don’t know anyone personally, then do a Google search for real estate offices and contact the Broker for your career interview. Remember, by now you are prepared for your interview as you have your questions written down. Also know that all real estate offices are always hiring and your meeting with a real estate Broker is a two-way interview. What are their training systems, office support systems, customer service systems/initiatives and brand reputation? Using this approach will certainly help you determine the Broker office you feel will best support your new real estate career.

Always call or email to make an appointment because this is what professionals do. Don’t just show up at a real estate office and expect a Broker to be available at that precise moment to meet with you. Depending on the amount of questions you may have, plan to be at least an hour with your Broker interview. Be on time for your meeting. If you feel you will be late for your appointment, then call the Broker and advise him/her. Likewise, should your plans change and you are now not able to meet at your committed time, call and reschedule your interview.

We hope this information is helpful to you if you are thinking about a career in real estate. There are five steps we recommend when you consider becoming a real estate agent. We will share all these steps with you over the next few weeks.

At Royal Lepage we are proud to celebrate one hundred years of real estate services across Canada and also the fact that we are a true Canadian company. If you are considering a new real estate career, we invite you to contact one of the Royal Lepage offices in Winnipeg. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a real estate career and how we help you achieve your personal goals as a new real estate agent.

By Rolf Hitzer

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